The advantages of essential oil of the aroma

Essential oil of the aroma is extracted and purified through different physical technologies from natural plants, during the extract and purify stage, there is no chemical component added, no chemical features of plants changed and no other chemical materials created. Purified natural essential oil cost high and only dozens of grams of essential oil can be extracted from one ton of plants. Therefore, the real essential oil in the market belongs to luxury, it can only be used in high-grade beauty parlors. The essential oil of aroma is the widest accepted compound essential oil, it has the advantages like volatile, no residual and affordable price, thus arouse an aroma heat worldwide.


Aroma helps to increase attractiveness


Aroma has been used in daily lives since early times, it was first discovered in Ancient Egypt that burning resin could repel infectious pestilence and bacteria, later European found that fragrance has medical value of beauty and keeping mind in space, the easterners on the other side of the mainland used the sachets to repel insects. With changing times, aroma was spread from medicine and has developed into one of the daily items, finally evolved to attractive luxury. No one can deny that a superior bottle of Channel or Dior can attract the women  surrounded. The pursuing of aroma is endless in modern women’s lives, they are trying to smell different areas of aroma, even for their Mr. Right, aroma is one of the crucial part. The importance of aroma to people can be seen, Ms. Coco has ever said to the world that there is no future for the kind of women who don’t use perfume. 

Actually, according to the science researches, lots of female mammalians look for their mates by using their noses. Tim Clutton Brock,the zoologist of Cambridge University and Katherine McAuliffe, the researcher of Harvard University found that smelling clues are of great importance when female mammalians look for their mates, the same as birds, human beings like to dress up, prance, or sometimes sing songs. Obviously, birds have developed a more delicate and effective visual and audio systems, especially during the process of looking for mates, for example, the magnificent tail feathers of peacock, different chirp calling of birds. So Clutton Broc and McAuliffe hold the opinion that when mammalians look for their mates, they are more prefer to depend on smelling to find a suitable mate genetically.

Green bamboo after raining—spirit of the essential oil


Green bamboo after raining One of the featured essential oil of OUWAVE, as its name shows, fresh and natural, just like after the refreshing of the rain, the depressed smell is taken away, all the plants are hurried to show their most beautiful sides, even the soil is included, spread the hidden smell into the air, under such a competitive circumstance, the green bamboo is poised and composure, without compare, without noise, take its time and volatilize its unique smell out.


The fragrance is purified after the refreshment of rain, silently, being neither humble nor pushy, character of green bamboo shows completely at this time, not only in its appearance, moral, but also in its smell. Although the smell is not so strong, not enthusiastic, it is either cold or rejective, like the virtuous lady in ancient times, when you walk close, it won’t open its mind easily, and when you leave, it won’t nostalgia much.


The fragrance of green bamboo after raining is here, it is long and soft, it is not strong. It is especially suitable for the places like hotel lobbies, 4S shops, theatres, leisure clubs and brand clothing stores. With it, people who smell it fell refreshed and relaxed, in that way, the first impression of the place which provides it has gained a aroma brand image, the recognition degree has increased and people are more willing to pay for it. This is the charm of aroma, OUWAVE is a company that provide customers with the professional aroma solutions, adapt suitable aroma service to customers according to different demands, help to improve customer flow volume and build brand awareness, which is the forever target of OUWAVE.

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