Congratulations on OUWAVE  Tech(Shenzhen) CO,LTD for completing the Canton Fair in December of 2014 with a great success.

With the theme of presentation, communication, cooperation and development, the 21st International Hotel Suppliers Exhibition was launched from December 10th to December 12th, 2014 in Pazhou international conference and exhibition center of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. OUWAVE has achieved great success, moreover, the experts in aroma field have been invited to guide and inspect OUWAVE personally and OUWAVE has gained a high evaluation and praise. B-4 and 2-414-416 exhibition area has attracted various sights from all sides because of colorful lights, different stands, assortment of designs, and under OUWAVE’s featured aroma “Blue island”, it has impressed the exhibitors a lot and obtained lots of favors.

In the new exhibition, OUWAVE dares to change human being’s thoughts under the air environment, considers air quality to promote a series of pleasant essential oil to reduce the work pressure. Based on the urgent need of modern people, we fit modern aesthetics concepts, creative designs in the brand of OUWAVE to arouse people awareness of the importance of fresh air and health, consequently, people’s life quality would be improved. 

We delicate to create better air quality in free-space and aim at providing customer with a cleaner, fresher, enjoyable living environment. Therefore, OUWAVE products advocate nature and health, serious of products like scent machines, essential oil for space aroma are created under such an orientation. In order to complete the distribution successfully, the staff in sales department are all involved and in close cooperation. Sales people have had deep understanding of the products, kept the properties, constuction and parameters in mind, receptionists have dressed formal uniforms and received clients with spiritual looks and has established a good image for the company. As for the material preparations, we have compared different schemes in various companies and finally chose a high cost-effective company to customize the cooperate brochures, advertising videos and construct the exhibition stand for us.

The theme of this exhibition is presentation, communication, cooperation and development, which could reflect the improvement of aroma market as well as the decline of air quality. OUWAVE has identitiy itself as the modifier, dares to be the forerunner to give people a fresh, graceful and romantic space environment. OUWAVE hopes the wide range of aroma lovers can enjoy it and supervise it.

OUWAVE       Scent marketing      the fragrance of diamond


With the increasing improvement of people’s living standard, the consumption proportion of luxuries are increasing, therefore, the market transformation to luxuries is imperative. Diamond is outstanding in luxuries and becomes the transform target of many merchants, which indicates the fierce competition in diamond field.

For some old brands, it has experienced rains and winds and have their own coping approaches, but what about the merchants who haven’t entered the field for a long time?

Brand awareness is essential, except the combination of timing, popular topics, and creative designs, there is still one thing we can do called smell marketing. Smell marketing, starting with people’s olfactory senses, the fragrance can entered people’s olfactory and subconscious of clients.

In clients’ memory, before the acquisition of the products appeared, the first impression has existed.

In clients’ values, they would prefer the products with a better first-impression, meanwhile, the special aroma spreaded in the store can help to retain clients for a longer time.

Colorful and eye-catching diamond gives a strong attraction and has its charm to make people desire to possess. Meanwhile, diamond has two sides because of the high price, even affordable people would think over about whether to buy it or not, here the brand awareness values. Diamond doesn’t vary a lot in clients’ minds, of course the same diamond of big brand becomes more effective, even 10% higher price seems worthwhile.

To this aspect, the improvement of the brand value is crucial and scent marketing plays its role here. Starting with good smells, building professional brand fragrance, making the fragrance the smell name card of the brand, remaining the fragrance in clients’ subconsciousness, memorize the diamond brand deeply, and thus improve the property and value of the brand.

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