Harnessing The Power of Aroma: How Scent Marketing Works for Retailers
2022-5-26 9:56:47

Harnessing The Power of Aroma: How Scent Marketing Works for Retailers

Scent marketing is a powerful tool to help retailers increase sales with an enticing store atmosphere that communicates their brand identity.

Scent is our oldest and most evolved sense. And today it’s used as a marketing tool by retailers to attract, delight, and convert in-store shoppers. 

Research has shown that scent marketing can raise retail store sales by 11% and increase customer satisfaction scores by 20%.

What is scent marketing?

Scent marketing is a type of sensory marketing targeting a shopper’s sense of smell. It involves diffusing strategically chosen scents at different locations in your store. The goal is to create a memorable, pleasant shopping experience and increase sales. 

Retail spaces have plenty to consider when creating the right atmosphere to suit the products they’re selling. Location, decor, employee uniforms, lighting, art, temperature, music, and, increasingly, smell all combine to create an immersive brand experience. Think of some of the most popular retail locations and you’ll understand what I mean.

Often an afterthought, scent marketing involves using carefully chosen fragrances at different customer touchpoints. The right scent featured in your store builds a powerful, long-lasting association with it and communicates your brand identity. Some 75% of emotions generated every day are due to smell, which makes scent marketing critical in driving sales in-store.

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