2022-4-22 16:19:21

You no longer need to worry about Mother Earth when enjoying your favorite scents, thanks to this sustainable aroma diffuser that doesnt require batteries to do its magic.


Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of attention paid to the quality of air at home. In addition to concerns about bacteria and viruses in the air, there has also been increased awareness of how scents and odors can play a huge role in decreasing or even increasing stress levels at home. Aroma or scent diffusers have been around for years, but they have seen an uptick in interest and sales recently. All of them advertise how easy they are to use, at least until it comes time to change the batteries or recharge the device. With this minimalist alternative, however, you dont even have to stress about those. All you really need is a plug-in aroma diffuser and your favorite aromatic oil.


Of course, ultrasonic aroma diffusers are hot use for home, but some of they suffer from a critical flaw, have limited for oils liquid use, they rely simply on vapor and natural air movement to carry the scent around the room. That doesnt always work without something pushing the aromatic air, which is what the electronic aroma diffuser.


 OY-2 adopts the design of secondary plug,  Fits all electric outlets. It works when plugged into power outlet , and take out to replace the essential oil at any time. Small in size and but large in capacity. It also adopts two-fluid atomization technology,  The scent particles molecules diffuse into the air evenly; Built-in human body induction mode, intelligent fragrance; Multiple Working intensity Level adjustment, the fragrance concentration is arbitrary, let you enjoy a comfortable fragrance environment

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