Origin of the Arbor Day
2022-3-11 14:39:50

Every March 12th is the Arbor Day in China, which is also the anniversary of the death of our great Sun Yat-sen. To determine this day as Arbor Day, one is to consider the season of planting trees; the other is to commemorate Sun Yat-sen (Sun Yat-sen is also the earliest person who strongly advocated afforestation in modern my country)


Arbor Day is also popular in the United States. In the United States, Arbor Day is a state holiday. Every year in April and May, every state in the United States organizes Arbor Day activities. Whenever the Arbor Day comes, a tree-planting crowd consisting mainly of students and people from all walks of life participates in the tree-planting activities. According to statistics, 1/3 of the United States is covered by forest trees, and this achievement is inseparable from Arbor Day.


Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. The resources on the earth are limited, and people's continuous demands for them have led to the emergence of various environmental problems.The origin of Arbor Day is to tell people that they should have the awareness of protecting the environment, so as to do their part for the earth.

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