Ouwave Sliver&Black tower scent machine
2021-12-10 16:53:51

OY-5 and OY-5E launched two popular colors-silver and black.

These two machines adopting new technology adopted:

The stereoscopic round appearance high end design, adopt aluminum case and the intelligent setting of working time and concentration, relatively convenient operation.



(1) Battery scent diffuser--OY-5E

1. Rechargeable lithium battery, usually one time battery recharge can last at least 1 month.

2. A leather handle for easy carrying.

3. Work with Bluetooth smart remote control, its coverage area up to 300M3 and 500ML large capacity.


(2) Electric commercial scent diffuser--OY-5

1. Use Tai-Wan Pump--can continuously work over 1000 hours.

2. Can be controlled by Bluetooth and WiFi, its coverage area up to 1500M3 and 500ML large capacity.

3. Suitable for use in hotels, Lobby, Office, KTV, 4S store and other commercial building places.

The Silver or black, battery or electric machine, is there a machine you like?

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