New designed battery aroma diffuser
2021-10-23 17:50:56

Nowadays, many small areas need to be applied to the diffuser, but some small spaces are not convenient to be equipped with a power plug. In the case of no power supply, the battery-based diffuser becomes an important role in life.


Now lets have the pleasure of introducing our new-launched Angel’’ model.


It has a small and exquisite appearance, wall-mounted design with 60ml bottle to ensure the original flavor of fragrance oil. Super silent atomization technology, battery operated work with human induction

sensor and the automatic night light sensor, It's popular for some places where power supply is inconvenient, such as toilets elevator, Toilet, bedroom, washroom and etc.


A warm tip: as Angel” model is adopt with ultrasonic technologyit only can use low-viscosity oils. (If you dont have this low-viscosity essential oil in your local area, you can choose to purchase from us)

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