What’s a diffuser
2021-8-14 16:38:08

A diffuser is a device that decomposes essential oils or synthetic oils into tiny molecules, which can be evenly dispersed in the air to produce a charming fragrance and some specific effects.


Essential oils have calming, soothing, invigorating and stress-relieving effects. Then there are those personal connections.


Different aromas cause different emotions, because smell (our sense of smell) communicates directly with our limbic system (location of emotions and memories),


There are also some interesting things: what we smell triggers emotions, even before we recognize the smell. This is why our sense of smell is so powerful. This is not only related to the smell itself, but also to our completely personal way of smelling.


Are all oil diffusers the same?

There are some options in the world of diffusers, but most can be divided into three categories.


Ultrasonic diffuser

These devices use vibrating plates to generate and release cool, odorless mist.


This is like the mist around a waterfall. When you add essential oils to water, this vibration will break down the essential oils into small particles, which are then released into the air along with the mist


scent diffuser

These diffusers use neither heat nor water. On the contrary, their working principle is to atomize essential oils into fine particles. The atomizer uses a large amount of essential oils to shorten the running time. However, the concentration of essential oils released into the air is much higher,


Passive diffuser

This diffuser uses neither heat nor water, and is powerless. No wires, sockets, batteries or apps.


Passive diffusers include reed diffusers, gentle oil heaters, and diffusers that use porous ceramics to naturally emit essential oils into the air.



Both ultrasonic and scent diffusers can have many bells and whistles, including ambient lighting, automatic shutdown, odor intensity and interval settings, and timers.


These features make the diffuser a safer choice than candles-you are free to fall asleep or leave the house altogether, and you will still return to a space that smells amazing.


But the diffuser is not only related to perfume, the diffuser can be used as an ornament to help connect the room together


The emotions and emotions associated with a diffuser of a particular color or texture can deepen its intention in the space, so that the room looks, feels, and smells great.

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