New product - Eternal
2016-4-28 14:51:37
OUWAVE (Europe only) 999 models have different flavor, it is often easy road alone, Qin spleen. Once we have thousands of kinds of flavor, and aroma quantity we are proud. In 2014 we adjusted the fragrance development rhythm, attention to some of the main flavor. We found that meet the needs of the people of aromatherapy fragrance, the nature of the most beautiful, pure fragrance passed to you. As a new OUWAVE in eternity, (Europe only) history left a thick and heavy in colours.
OUWAVE (Europe only) eternal:
Top notes: neroli, Sicilian bergamot, Japanese pear Martini
Flavor: Gardenia, white peony petals, hydroponic Hyacinth Blue
After taste: Lavender beans, heliotrope, white musk
The Cologne main implication: symbol of endless land of green, mix in the morning micro bright sky blue gradient, it becomes all the more elegant, fresh and transparent. In the eternal world, love and happiness can be owned by the same time.
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