2014 twenty-fourth Shenzhen Europe only hotel supplies exhibition
2016-4-28 14:32:17
Exhibition time: December 10, 2014 -12
The exhibition number: 614-616.
Venue: China import and export commodities trading center, Guangzhou Pazhou
Agency: China Hotel Association, held in Guangdong Bo Chang Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.
Support agencies: association of industry of Chinese hotel lobby supplies professional committee, fermentation engineering of China National Food Industry Association Professional Committee, world trade association in Taiwan, Shenzhen Ou only Fragrance Association
General website: www.ouwave.com
Only European fragrance fragrance as founder of the, continue to impact industry, to achieve new breakthroughs, lead the new direction in the fragrance market, from the traditional turn for fashion. The marketing of the current space fragrance swept the world, aroma impact is a marketing model for the future high-end market indispensable, referred to as "scent marketing", affected by the fragrance world market, global fragrance into all-round development period, fragrance is a widespread concern throughout the world. Shenzhen Ou Wei fragrance with all natural plant essential oil, by the international CE certification, IFF international certification, essential oils are guaranteed quality alone R & D purify air and sterilizing effective essential oils, and obtained the national patent certificate, the Premier Li Keqiang in the State Council held a national small and medium-sized enterprise development work television and telephone conference stressed that to fully understand further strengthen the importance of the small and medium-sized enterprise production, further increase policy support, more clear, more direct, more powerful signal, mobilize and protect the enthusiasm of the small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote the development of the fragrance, and hotel supplies production.
[strong propaganda to promote the protection of the exhibition effect
Rely on the Pearl River Delta - manufacturing center of the world, strong economic foundation and advantages of the booming industry]; "fair" tremendous business opportunities, to show implementation of all-round, multi angle, deep propaganda;
- Expo schedule: November 10, 2014 - 12 day
In the Expo venue: Chinese import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall (Chinese Guangzhou Pazhou)
- China Import and Export Fair is currently the most advanced the largest in Asia, facilities, grade the highest international exhibition center exhibition hall, more can reveal the grade and grade of the show.
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