Smell that? Scents are a key part of a store’s identity, even in Covid



Smell that? Scents are a key part of a s…

Retailers dispense scent in a way that may not even consciously register with shoppers, but which studies have suggested cause them to stay in stores longer—and buy more....

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!



Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

The Christmas and New Year holiday is coming near once again. We would like to extend our warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season and would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.May your New Year be filled with s...

Rechargeable lithium battery fragrance diffuser



Rechargeable lithium battery fragrance di…

Fragrance performance is an important tool to influence mood through smell, it can prove to have a positive impact on room atmosphere, sales and display quality. Each perfume has its own effects. If used properly, it can consciously or subtly enhance a br...

Ouwave Sliver&Black tower scent machine



Ouwave Sliver&Black tower scent machi…

OY-5 and OY-5E launched two popular colors-silver and black.These two machines adopting new technology adopted:The stereoscopic round appearance high end design, adopt aluminum case and the intelligent setting of working time and concentration, relatively...

AROMA-LINK App Maintenance Notification



AROMA-LINK App Maintenance Notification

To all ouwave customers:Due to changes in the rules of the Google Store, we need to operate and maintain the APP again, which take around one week. Now Aroma-link is off the shelves, Google Play Store will not find the APP, so if the customer needs to dow...

How Scent Marketing Works for Retailers



How Scent Marketing Works for Retailers

Scent marketing is a type of sensory marketing targeting a shopper’s sense of smell. It involves diffusing strategically chosen scents at different locations in your store. The goal is to create a memorable, pleasant shopping experience and increase sales...

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