Angel Battery Aroma Diffuser

Model:Angel                                 Model:Angel-L

Size:191*75*68mm                      Size:191*75*68mm

Battery:2pcs 1.5VAA                     Battery:3.7V/1200MAh Lithium Battery 

power:1.5W                                 power:1.5W

Capacity:50ML                             Capacity:50ML

Weight:0.18KG                             Weight:014KG

Coverage:200m³                          Coverage:200m³

Color:White                                   Color:White

※Two version of rechargeable lithium and 1.5V AA size battery
※Built-in Human sensor
※Automatic night light sensor
※Smart time programming
※Quiet performance 

Designed Technology

Small and exquisite appearance, wall-mounted design with 50ml bottle to ensure the original flflavor of fragrance oil. Super silent atomization technology, battery operated work with human induction sensor and the automatic night light sensor, It's popular for elevator, Toilet, bedroom, Washroom and etc.


Bedroom,Elevator, Corridor,Toilet, Bedroom and ect
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