OY-8E Lithium Battery Aroma Diffuser
Model : OY-8E
Voltage : 3.7V
Power : 1.7W
Volume : <35dba
Capacity : 800ml
Weight : 1.68KG
Coverage : 200-300M³
Size : W177*H97*D210mm


※The working principle of the machine is two-fluid technology (Nano-technology),The machine generated air flow and air pressure through the air pump and transmited it to the atomization head. The atomizing head converts the liquid into atomized     particles through the nozzle and dispenses into the air. The particle size is usually less than 10 microns.

※Built-in Intelligent operate timing control system, remote control can be realized through mobile phone Bluetooth APP; support 24-hour custom working time setting. 

※Match with 42AH large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery ,it can work continuously for at least 45 days with one charge. 

※The diffuser head and oil bottle are easy to take out,which is convenient to refill oils.

Product description

Rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery life, intelligent setting of working time and concentration,support for wall hanging,,relatively convenient operation.



Office、Room、Toilet、 Elevator、Bathroom and so on.


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