Lavender: fresh lavender fragrance will give you a comfortable and quiet.
Net lavender oil: can Qingrejiedu, clean the skin, control oil, whitening, anti wrinkle skin, dispel pouch black rim of the eye.
Bergamot: rational Qi phlegm, cough and stomach Shugan Jianpi Xiaozhang, a variety of medicinal function.
Citrus: has expectorant, cough, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestive juice secretion, analgesic and dissolution of gallstones and anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory etc..
Freesia: calm nerves, eliminate fatigue, promote the role of sleep.
Calendula: antioxidation, anti angiogenesis, anti-inflammatory, anti allergic, and antiviral efficacy.
Orange flower: promote the cell vitality, deodorization; can help calm nerves, relieve anxiety and sleep.
Vetiver: has good permeability, tensile strength and excellent mechanical properties.
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