Fresh mild citrus and jasmine, roses, followed by a cool tea, fragrance fresh, light and refined, can relieve the tension.
Before incense:
Ge Fuzi: diaphoresis, thirst Sheng Jin, sun lift depression effect
Rhubarb has: stagnation, of clear heat, purging fire, cooling blood, removing blood stasis, detoxification.
Lemon: with fresh and sweet peel like aroma
Orange: lower cholesterol.
Bergamot: reasonable gas phlegm, vomiting, stomach, liver and spleen Xiaozhang and more medicinal function
Middle tone:
Green tea: with Qingxin refreshing, heat Jieshu, digestion phlegm, greasy to lose weight, pure heart in addition to irritability, detoxification hangover, Shengjinzhike, pathogenic fire eyesight, check dysentery and eliminating dampness and other pharmacological effects
Mint: antiviral effect, analgesic and antipruritic effect, anti irritation, cough, bactericidal effect, choleretic effect.
Jasmine: spicy, sweet, cold, with Qingrejiedu dampness effect
Carnation: with beauty, and thirst, Qingxin eyesight, anti-inflammatory Chufan, Sheng Jin throat, stomachic Xiaoji
Fennel: cold, warming kidney and stomach qi
After fragrance:
Birch moss:
Musk: resuscitation, monarch shouts, dredging, powder deposition function
White amber: calm, diuretic, and promoting blood circulation
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