A: Yayun breeze modern flower studded forest birds, Sonix, rhyme and piano.
Before the incense
Green incense: Qingshu antipyretic, diuretic thirst, diarrhea, cough and sore throat.
Bergamot: the liver, spleen and stomach three, rational gas phlegm, vomiting, stomach, liver and spleen Xiaozhang and more medicinal function
Orange: arteriosclerosis, hypertension, cough, asthma, indigestion, gastritis, hyperacidity, have certain curative effect
Orange flower: a headache, endocrine conditioning, relieve menopausal mood, increase body resistance, happy mood.
In tune
Musk: resuscitation, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain. For fever, coma, stroke of qi stagnation phlegm syncope, sudden syncope, coma in evil.
Amber: trace element types are aluminum, magnesium, calcium, silicon
Rosewood: swelling, bleeding, pain. Treatment of abscess, sore hemorrhage
The sea breeze fragrance: new flavor, emotional stability.
After the incense
Vanilla: containing aromatic volatile oil, antioxidants, spinosad, fly and mosquito expelling, beautify the environment and purify the air, beautify the room, also widely used in cosmetic, shower, diet and health.
Celadon lemon: lemon and warm, with Shengjinzhike, heat Qushu, tocolysis, dredging stagnation, phlegm cough, stomach, spleen, relieving pain, sterilizing and so on
Orange: Xiaotan Jiangqi and the appetizer, wide diaphragm spleen, anti-inflammatory and detumescence, crab poison.
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