galsang flower
galsang flower
Ge Sanghua: sweet fruit flavor is warm and romantic, bold and unrestrained rich warmth
Before the incense
Orange: the ability to inhibit and kill cancer cells, the prevention of gastric cancer.
Bergamot: reasonable gas phlegm, vomiting, stomach and Shugan Jianpi Xiaozhang, etc..
The enhancement effect has antitussive, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, anti allergic, immune.
In tune
Wild Rose: with whitening, fade spots, moisturizing, anti-aging effect.
Red primrose: cough and phlegm.
Cherry: cherry with skin brightening skin effect.
Blue hyacinth: with a calm mood, relieve pressure, the effect of physical and mental balance.
Iris: blood stasis, dispelling wind and dampness, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, xiaoji.
Nectarine: vitamin C not only helps the body absorb iron and maintain the immune system.
After the incense
Amber: the efficacy of sedation, diuretic, and promoting blood circulation.
Pine: dispelling wind and dampness, activating blood to stop bleeding, heal sore muscles.
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