Oriental pearl
Oriental pearl
Oriental charm: the mysterious oriental charm to bring us is fresh, refreshing, comfortable, elegant, romantic, fashion fragrance experience.
Before the incense
White lemon oil: with fresh and sweet peel like aroma.
White tea: a sobering, heat lungs, liver, anti-inflammatory detoxification, tonifying blood fat, eliminate fatigue and other effects of antihypertensive.
Bergamot: reasonable gas phlegm, vomiting, stomach, liver and spleen Xiaozhang and more medicinal function.
In tune
Cedarwood oil: it is widely used in the daily flavor, it is also used in the synthesis of methyl cedryl ketone, methyl cedryl ether, cedryl acetate, spices.
Huang Guanhua: convergence to stop bleeding, vomiting.
Hyacinth: with a calm mood, relieve stress, physical and mental balance, eliminate fatigue, promote peaceful sleep effect.
Iris: blood stasis, dispelling wind and dampness, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, xiaoji.
Calendula: used for healing, but also against the plague and plague.
After the incense
Amber: calm, diuretic, and promoting blood circulation
Vetiver: has good permeability, tensile strength and excellent mechanical properties.
Rose wood: the spirit and the body has a sedative and harmonious effect.
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