The moon city: embedded in the blue sky, as if the night a sea floor light in the palace like the smell of flowers on earth.
Before the incense
Orange: the arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, cough, asthma, indigestion, gastritis, gastric acid is too much, there is a certain effect
Bergamot: the liver, spleen and stomach three, rational gas phlegm, vomiting, stomach, liver and spleen Xiaozhang and more medicinal function
Sea breeze: the new ocean atmosphere, stable mood.
Rubus: swelling detoxification. Topical treatment of carbuncle boil poison
Pineapple: Xiaoshi diarrhea, tonifying spleen and stomach, Qi and blood, Qi solid digestion, dampness, beauty slimming effect
Strawberry: Strawberry: Liangxue Jiedu, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, scurvy, colon cancer and other diseases have secondary effects.
In tune
Molly: can clear fire, go cold, cure sore, carbuncle eliminate tumor
Tuberose: extraction of essential oil from its use for spices
Coffee: helps to cancer, anti-aging, and even to prevent the role of cardiovascular disease
Popcorn: sweet and fragrant
Violet: flowers, lush, bright color, rich aroma to Qingrejiedu, whiten skin, moisturize the skin, wrinkle Xiaoban.
After the incense
Patchouli: aromatic Huazhuo, and Ziou, published summerheat
Amber: trace element types are aluminum, magnesium, calcium, silicon
Musk: resuscitation, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain. For fever, coma, stroke of qi stagnation phlegm syncope, sudden syncope, coma in evil.
Caramel: fragrant taste, lead a person to endless aftertastes
Cedar: fragrant high cold treatment, hematemesis, hemorrhage and traumatic hemorrhage, scald
Moss incense high like chestnut aroma, flavor alcohol; summer tea red tea, fragrance is thick.
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