East of Eden
East of Eden
Fifth elements: seeking the breath of nature, to explore the mysteries of the fragrance, all from Europe only fifth fragrance elements
Before the incense
Green incense: Qingshu antipyretic, diuretic thirst, diarrhea, cough and sore throat.
Bergamot: the liver, spleen and stomach three, rational gas phlegm, vomiting, stomach, liver and spleen Xiaozhang and more medicinal function
Sea breeze: the new ocean atmosphere, stable mood.
Fruity: alleviate the fragrant high like chestnut aroma, flavor alcohol; summer tea red tea, fragrance is thick.
Orange: phlegm resuscitation Jiangqi and the appetizer, wide diaphragm spleen, anti-inflammatory and detumescence, solution crab poisoning etc..
In tune
Rose: trace aromatic sweet flower food, God is great
Lily: not only can purify the air, but also can inhibit the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus breeding.
Molly: can clear fire, go cold, cure sore, carbuncle eliminate tumor
Sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus flower can be beauty, soothe the throat. Improve the phlegm, cough symptoms, treatment of duodenal ulcer, reed measles, cold stomach, stomachache, bad breath, visual unknown.
Raspberry: effectively relieve angina and other cardiovascular diseases, but can cause mild diarrhea.
After the incense
Musk: resuscitation, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain. For fever, coma, stroke of qi stagnation phlegm syncope, sudden syncope, coma in evil.
Vetiver oil: thick brown, thick, violet flavor, low volatile, used as a fixative.
Tree moss: sensitive to air pollution, natural aroma,
Amber: a variety of trace elements, calcium, magnesium, silicon and aluminum
Sandalwood: spicy, into the spleen, stomach, lung. Qi, heart pain treatment of dysphagia, vomiting, chest discomfort.
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