Rain Lane
Rain Lane
The lane in the rain:
Fresh and sweet fragrance, gives vitality!
Before the incense
Green incense: purify air, create the atmosphere; the expression of taste, improve self-confidence, add charm to calm the mind, relax.
Fruit: sweet like chestnut flavor nongchun; summer tea, red tea, fragrance is thick.
The sea breeze: the new fragrance artery flavor, emotional stability.
Black pepper: can be used for the treatment of cold phlegm, dyspepsia, abdominal cold pain, nausea, vomiting water, diarrhea, cold dysentery, can also be used for food poisoning detoxification.
In tune
Molly: resuscitation can clear fire, go cold, cure sore, carbuncle eliminate tumor.
Lily: trace blood hemostasis, dewetting Xiaofeng, pure blood, antipyretic detoxification.
Freesia: swelling, purity, passion, happiness, fragrance, fresh and comfortable.
Rose: Rose food fragrant sweet, God is great
Yilan: containing relaxes the nervous system, make people feel happy. Can relieve anger, anxiety, panic. With the aphrodisiac effect, can improve frigidity and impotence.
After the incense
Musk: inducing resuscitation, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain. For fever, coma, stroke of qi stagnation phlegm syncope, sudden syncope, coma in evil
Tonka bean: sweet bean coumarin, its fragrance and sweet than with paste.
Amber: Kaiqiao species of trace elements of aluminum, magnesium, calcium, silicon
Patchouli: the fragrance of turbidity, and Ziou, published summerheat
Cedar: cold blood, resuscitation treatment, hemorrhage and traumatic hemorrhage, scald
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