Rain bamboo
Rain bamboo
The kind of sweet and natural fragrance and flavor of the pastoral scenery fusion in nature
Before the incense
Strawberry: Qingshu antipyretic, diuretic thirst, diarrhea, relieving cough.
Jasmine: spicy, sweet, cold, with Qingrejiedu dampness effect.
Citrus: citrus essential oil has expectorant, cough, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestive juice secretion, analgesic and dissolution of gallstones and anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory etc. function.
Lily, orange
After the incense
Violet: with moist skin, wrinkle Xiaoban beauty effect.
Lily: improve sleep, reduce anxiety, can enhance myocardial contractility, more significant effect on heart failure.
Mu Xiang: xingqizhitong; guided lag adjustment.
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