New arrival of OY-5 & OY-5E diffuser
2021-8-21 14:18:32

Using an aroma diffuser is a simple, convenient and clutter-free way to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils. Want to fill your home with the aroma of essential oils? Want to make your work space or office full of exhilarating and energetic feeling? Want to create a quiet environment to help your child fall asleep at night? You can try to use aroma diffusers to create a fresh environment.


Let’s have the honor to introduce our new-launched OY-5 & OY-5E model


2 versions (Plug-in type and Battery working type) may be arbitrarily selected.





Model : OY-5                       Model : OY-5 E

Voltage : 12 V                       Voltage : 3.7 V                              

Power : 13 W                        Power : 1.6 W

Volume : <35 dba                    Volume : <30 dba

Capacity : 500 ml                    Capacity : 500 ml

Weight : 2.8 KG                      Weight: 1.73 KG

Size : W117*H117*D500 mm          Size : W113.6*H113.6*D285 mm

Coverage : 1500 m3/200 m2/2000 sft    Coverage : 300 m3/60 m2/1000 sft



Product Features:

1. It is made of aluminum material, cylindrical process design, with a fashionable appearance.

2. It has a Bluetooth/WiFi App remote control system, which can intelligently control the working time and scent concentration of the machine,

3. Integrated plug-in atomization head

4. Using lmported Tai-Wan Pump can continuously,the operating noise of the machine is less than other same area of machines.


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