Ultrasonic aroma diffuser
2020/3/18 14:09:46

OY-1D  ultrasonic aromad diffuser work with water-oils or sodium hypochlorite liquid to clean the air . It also support to work with battery and USB power line.Its covers an area of 80-150 m³, It also has the smallest and most exquisite coverage area in the industry. It integrates home elements and gets ride of the usual rigid design of fragrance products.

Model : OY-1D

Voltage : 5V

Battery: D size 1.5V*2

Input voltage: 5V USB

Power : 2.2W

Volume : <30dba

Capacity : 130ml

Weight : 0.5KG

Coverage : 80-150M³

Size : W150*H150*D65mm

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